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.. Talking with a Beach Dweller A growing community of travelers are choosing the shade of a surf-side palm tree as their ideal lodging. BLUE speaks to one beach dweller. WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO KAuAr? I was living in California and getting caught up in routine of being a consumer-I felt I was at a standstill. I needed to bring myself out of that environment. I felt a calling, an urge to simplifY my life to get back to the roots of the earth. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION? I felt it was a healing place. I was feeling physically ill when I arrived, and as I felt the rush of warm air and the sunshine, a smile radiated from my soul. How DID 11iAT lMPRESSION CHANGE OR EVOLVE "l1iE WNGER YOU LlVED THERE? The longer I live here, the more I see people come here and completely change their lifestyle for the better. WHAT KEEPS YOU ON KAUA!? The island brings me back to the center of my being. If you are ready to face yourself then you are ready to be on Kauai. It is truly a magical place-there

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